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Creating Polymorphic Shellcode

3 minute read

Assignment 6 of the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert Certification consists of taking three shellcode samples from and creating polymorphic...

Analysing Msfvenom Payloads

19 minute read

This post provides an analysis of three different payloads generated using msfvenom that target the Linux x86 platform:

Creating a Custom Shellcode Encoder

9 minute read

A common virus-detection evasion technique when deploying malicious payloads onto a system is to encode the payload in order to obfuscate the shellcode. As p...

Creating an Egg Hunter

8 minute read

When exploiting overflows that allow code execution, there is near always a limit on how much code can be passed to the application. In some cases, this limi...

Creating a Reverse TCP Shellcode

7 minute read

Reverse TCP shells are similar to bind shells, in that they allow shell access over a network. The key difference is that a bind shell will listen on the rem...