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Analysing Msfvenom Payloads

19 minute read

This post provides an analysis of three different payloads generated using msfvenom that target the Linux x86 platform:

Creating a Custom Shellcode Encoder

9 minute read

A common virus-detection evasion technique when deploying malicious payloads onto a system is to encode the payload in order to obfuscate the shellcode. As p...

Creating an Egg Hunter

8 minute read

When exploiting overflows that allow code execution, there is near always a limit on how much code can be passed to the application. In some cases, this limi...

Creating a Reverse TCP Shellcode

7 minute read

Reverse TCP shells are similar to bind shells, in that they allow shell access over a network. The key difference is that a bind shell will listen on the rem...

Creating a Bind Shell TCP Shellcode

12 minute read

“Bind shells” are used to spawn a shell on a remote system and provide access to it over a network. At minimum, a bind shell would need to carry out the foll...